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Think Green, Use Compost – Not Chemicals!

Smithfield Peat Co. is a RIDEM Licensed Leaf and Yard Waste Composting Facility, which turns leaves, grass, and brush into organic compost. Our production process triple grinds the organics, forms and turns windrows multiple times with a windrow turner, monitors windrow temperature to kill off weed seeds, and screens the mature compost to ¼ inch. Our production process ensures quality compost, a highly prized soil amendment that is approved for use in organic crop production on Certified Organic Farms by RIDEM, Division of Agriculture, and by the Baystate Organic Certifiers.

Our Eco-friendly garden compost consists of completely decomposed plant materials and is finely screened to ¼ inch. It contains no bio-solids and is rich in organic nutrients, making it beneficial for use by homeowners, landscape professionals, nurseries, and organic farmers. Our compost will improve your soil structure, soil aeration, and water retention, providing slow-release nutrients for vigorous plant growth. Mix compost into your soil and marvel at the results! Compost makes an excellent top-dressing for the lawn.

Benefits of Using Compost

How to Use Compost

In the Garden For a New Lawn Top Dress an Existing Lawn Repotting Indoor Plants

Remember, you can never use TOO much compost!